The Duke on 42nd Street

Located on the second floor of New 42 Studios, The Duke on 42nd Street is an intimate, flexible black box space accompanied by a production booth, green room and kitchenette, 2 dressing rooms and a box office. With 200 seats on a custom-built, fully-retractable unit and a gallery along the entire perimeter of the 57′ x 49.5′ x 19.5′ space.

See inside with a 360° tour.

See inside The Duke on 42nd Street with a 360° tour

Features & Equipment

  • Isolated HVAC System with MERV 13 filter and 100% outside air ventilation
  • Fixed Lighting Grid with ability to add additional pipes
  • 15 Hoist Points available for heavier loads
  • Complement of basic theatrical softgoods (Black Legs, Borders, Cyc, Scrim)
  • Fully functional Lighting System with Basic Lighting Instruments and ETC Ion Console
  • Fully functional Audio System with Yamaha LS9-32 Console
  • Reconfigurable seating system

Additional Services

    • Rental of additional equipment can be arranged as the project requires