Spaces & Studios

Come to create and leave the rest to us.

A professional rehearsal facility with clean, beautiful, column-free studios, we have a successful history of renting our spaces for professional rehearsals, readings, work sessions, invited presentations, auditions and filming for a variety of theater, dance, opera and music groups. The preferred choice for Broadway’s top choreographers, directors, performers and producers, our facility signals that when you work at New 42 Studios, you know “you’ve made it.”

See inside with a 360° tour.

Explore our spaces with a 360° tour of Studios 7A & 7B

Find a space that fits your needs.

Get to know our three different studio sizes and find one that’s right for you.

Studio 7A

A Studios

A studios are our largest rehearsal spaces with the footprint of any Broadway theater, plus plenty of wing space. Perfect for invited presentations and industry readings, A studios accommodate large set pieces, scenery and props to host Broadway’s biggest musicals and plays.

Studio 7B

B Studios

B studios have the footprint of any Broadway stage, but without the wing space. The B studios are commonly used for play rehearsals, small musicals, or dance rehearsals.

A singing woman stands next to a man playing piano during a music rehearsal in Studio 9C.

C Studios

C Studios offer production support spaces. Uses include (but are not limited to) costume fittings, wig and make up testing, physical therapy sessions, break-out music rehearsals, administrative and tutoring spaces.

14 Available Studios

  • Cora Cahan Studio 3A

    57’x 39′   Maximum capacity: 114 persons

  • Studio 3B

    35’x 39′   Maximum capacity: 56 persons

  • Studio 4A

    55’x 50′   Maximum capacity: 114 persons

  • Studio 4B

    35’x 50′   Maximum capacity: 56 persons

  • Studio 4C

    15’x 16′   Maximum capacity: 25 persons

  • Studio 6A

    55’x 50′   Maximum capacity: 114 persons

  • Floria V. Lasky Studio 6B

    35’x 50′   Maximum capacity: 56 persons

  • Jerry Zaks Studio 6C

    15′ x 16′   Maximum capacity: 25 persons

  • Jerome Robbins Studio 7A

    55’x 50′   Maximum capacity: 114 persons

  • Mike Ockrent Studio 7B

    35’x 50′   Maximum capacity: 56 persons

  • Dorothy & Lewis B. Cullman Studio 7C

    15’x 16′   Maximum capacity: 25 persons

  • Marian S. Heiskell Studio 9A

    35’x 50′   Maximum capacity: 114 persons

  • Joan & Joe Cullman Studio 9B

    35’x 50′   Maximum capacity: 56 persons

  • Studio 9C

    8’x 10′   Maximum capacity: 3 persons



  • 12.5′ ceilings
  • Studio mirrors and windows with automated shades
  • Column-free sprung floors (Marley Dance Floor available)
  • Sound Rack and Speakers for iPod, Computer and CD Playback
  • Yamaha Acoustic or Hybrid Pianos
  • Studios 3AB equipped with enhanced lighting and audio support infrastructure as well as a dedicated 1GB Wired Network Connection


  • Building Access:
    • Option 1: Six day week Monday through Saturday 9am – 7pm (rehearsal hours: 10am – 6pm)
    • Option 2: Five days within Monday through Saturday 8am – 8pm (rehearsal hours 9am – 7pm)
  • Front desk attendants for security and safe load-ins/outs
  • Isolated HVAC Systems with MERV 13 filters by floor with 100% outside air ventilation
  • 1 passenger elevator
  • 1 freight/passenger elevator (8’6’w x 6’8’d x 9’5’h)
  • Copy machine available for use at rate of .15/copy (individual code provided)
  • Dedicated refrigerator and microwave on each floor

The Duke on 42nd Street

Located on the second floor of New 42 Studios, The Duke on 42nd Street is an intimate, flexible black box space accompanied by a production booth, green room and kitchenette, 2 dressing rooms and a box office. With 200 seats on a custom-built, fully-retractable unit and a gallery along the entire perimeter of the 57’ x 49.5’ x 19.5’ space.

See inside with a 360° tour.

See inside The Duke on 42nd Street with a 360° tour

Features & Equipment

  • Isolated HVAC System with MERV 13 filter and 100% outside air ventilation
  • Fixed Lighting Grid with ability to add additional pipes
  • 15 Hoist Points available for heavier loads
  • Complement of basic theatrical softgoods (Black Legs, Borders, Cyc, Scrim)
  • Fully functional Lighting System with Basic Lighting Instruments and ETC Ion Console
  • Fully functional Audio System with Yamaha LS9-32 Console
  • Reconfigurable seating system

Additional Services

    • Rental of additional equipment can be arranged as the project requires